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A commitment will save you up to $192 over the next year!

  • By simply committing to MCC Broadband for one year, your monthly rate will drop as much as $5 a month.
  • Sign up for MCC's eBill and AutoPay services and you could save an additional $5 per month.
  • For members not in our fiber area, eBill and/or AutoPay will waive your $6 modem rental fee; an annual savings of $72!

Please enter the required information into the form below to begin your new MCC Broadband commitment. If you would also like to update your broadband package to a different speed, please select the appropriate box from the packages below.

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MCC Broadband:
as low as $29.95* as low as $41.95* as low as $54.95*

X-FON [Xtreme Fiber Optic Network]: (click here for availability)
as low as $29.95* as low as $41.95* as low as $48.95*
*Price dependant upon savings of $5.00 for enrollment in eBill and AutoPay. Follow link in confirmation page for more information.

You will be in default of the Agreement if: a) you terminate the Agreement during the Term, b) you fail to pay when due any amounts owed pursuant Agreement (which are payable in accordance with the terms of MCC’s monthly invoice), or c) you otherwise fail to comply with all rules promulgated by MCC regarding Broadband service. If you default during the Term, then you agree to promptly pay an early termination charge of $75.00 and the installation charge of $75.00 that was initially waived with your commitment of 12 months. If legal action is instituted to enforce this Agreement, the prevailing party at trial or on appeal is entitled to recover attorney fees.